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ServiceNow Solution Consultant

ServiceNow, a cloud-based IT service management platform, is being adopted by industry leaders throughout the world to facilitate the rollout of new services, boost productivity, and ensure compliance. In addition to its expertise in service management, Times Square Tech NYC Corporation provides its customers with a cost-effective delivery strategy that speeds up the creation of new internal and external services and features in order to fulfill regulatory mandates and improve the quality of their workers' daily interactions with customers.

Using the Now Platform, businesses can streamline their delivery across departments, teams, and technology. Times Square Tech NYC Corporation's SNOW services are designed to hasten digital transformations for their customers. The ServiceNow Platform makes digital transformation a reality by streamlining corporate processes, increasing efficiency, and improving customer service.

ServiceNow Consulting Services Overview

ServiceNow is used globally by IT departments, employees, and customers to streamline processes. As a result, businesses are better able to handle problems and align their aims. As your company expands, service management will become more crucial. Management of incidents, problems, and changes can yield tangible benefits for businesses.

  • IT Service Management
  • IT Operations Management
  • IT Business Management
  • IT Asset Management
  • Procurement & Purchasing
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • HR Service Delivery
  • Customer Service Management

Through our collaboration, your ServiceNow platform and other technologies will function at peak efficiency, allowing you to increase profits and reduce downtime. If you're in need of a new ServiceNow instance, additional modules, an update to the newest version, assistance administering an existing instance, or the addition of functionality, you can rely on Times Square Tech NYC Corporation, a ServiceNow partner, to deliver.

  • Our ServiceNow offerings

    We specialize in delivering transformative innovation and business value for our clients, backed by unparalleled talent, experience, and global scale.

  • IT workflows Platform application development

    By building enterprise workflows and integrations tailored to our clients’ needs, our team expands the value of ServiceNow.e With IT Business Management and IT Service Management, we help our clients transform their IT experience.

  • Employee experience transformation

    Our goal is to unlock enterprise-wide productivity for our clients’ employees by implementing a “system of experience.”.

  • Customer service transformation

    We Embrace proactive customer service from the onset of issues right through to resolution by collaborating with our clients.

  • Security operations

    We have a wide range of experience in implementing security transformations and upgrading GRC platforms to help our clients deal with incidents, vulnerabilities, and enterprise risks more quickly.