Times Square Tech: Your Effective Business Partner

At Times Square Tech, we provide professional and high quality tech services for all businesses. By leveraging modern technologies, we really want to bring the most value to our customers. Our services include web/mobile application development, HR recruiting, professional bookkeeping, salesforce support and much more! From the very first client consultation, our focus is on understanding exactly what you need so we can cultivate a business relationship that will benefit you and your customers.

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Our Wide Range of Tech Solutions

New York City’s Top IT Service Provider at Your Fingertips

You need an IT department that can keep up with your company's needs, but adding another employee to your team might not make sense for your business. That's where we come in. Our experienced IT professionals will help keep your technology running smoothly so you can focus on what and why you do what you do, without having to let tech get in the way. We'll work with you to find a service plan that fits the needs of your company, and your budget.

Our IT services for small businesses take care of all your technology related issues, which makes us a business partner who does not require a contract. Your company can leverage our experts and experience in the latest developments to keep you up-to-date with the changing trends based on your industry. In addition to this, we provide flexibility to be able to respond immediately when something goes wrong while constantly monitoring your business' systems.

We offer customizable IT solutions for small to large companies with our knowledgeable and experienced technicians. Our remote staff is available for proactive management of IT services around the clock by offering professional on-demand support via 24/7 help and that too at no extra cost.

Our Times Square Tech team of highly qualified and experienced engineers, who are experts in the IT field, is dedicated to ensuring your business doesn't suffer any setbacks due to technological malfunctions. We provide you with ongoing management of your company's IT initiatives and functions, offering support that your internal staff might lack or lack the time or resources to perform. This management of your technology aids in seamlessly integrating your business with today's rapidly evolving utilization of technology.

Let our IT team ensure your systems are running smoothly on a day-to-day basis with regular maintenance checks. Dedicated, proactive management is available by Live Help around the clock to assess potential hurdles in advance. We can also integrate our IT solutions with your business' vision, so you don't spend excess time managing complicated technology and can focus on growing your business.

Embracing the Future with Innovative Tech Services

Times Square Tech is a full-service interactive marketing and technology firm that helps businesses realize their digital potential. We have successfully completed over XX projects with a diverse clientele ranging from the startup community to established corporations. We provide a full suite of services and solutions for businesses. We bring you the best in class, state-of-the-art technology services. We deliver quick and professional results by leveraging modern technologies, like Salesforce support, professional bookkeeping and SEO, to create exceptional web/mobile applications and provide efficient HR recruiting services.

Times Square Tech is your one-stop shop for all tech needs

With a diverse team of dedicated tech professionals and strategic partnerships with other IT companies, Times Square Tech is ready to take your business to new heights. We provide customer focused professional services with cutting edge technology and the latest in professional practices. We will build you a custom solution to fit your needs, so that you can provide your clients with a unique experience.

Empower your business with technology

Times Square Tech is a team of highly experienced professionals. We are not only skilled engineers and programmers, but also passionate business leaders and excellent coaches who thrive in an environment that encourages personal development and innovation. We take pride in the ability to understand our clients' business needs, deliver on time and stay true to our core values: confidence, passion and perseverance.

We understand that your company's most valuable asset is its people and therefore, providing top-notch human resources services to our clients is of utmost importance. Our mission is to help businesses succeed by leveraging the latest technologies and strategic planning. From small startups to multinational corporations, we are experienced in working with all types of businesses.

Modern Technologies for your Business Growth

Times Square Tech is a top-rated technology firm, providing professional and high quality tech services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our goal is to help your business get the most value out of modern technologies, so that you can focus on what really matters - your customers.

Times Square Tech is dedicated to providing top quality technology solutions. We have the expertise, drive and innovative spirit to solve all of your tech problems. We help businesses transform technology challenges into opportunities for growth and risk mitigation so that they can focus on running their business.

From Salesforce consulting to HR management, our goal is to establish a long-term partnership with you so that we can deliver solutions that are tailor made to fit your unique business needs.

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