How to Curate Social Media Posts that Convert

Why is social media curation necessary when your account is supposed to have your own content?

Because as much as the audience may love and prefer your work, they want to see a variety. Simply put, sharing other people’s work shows your audience that you look at and value other people’s work.

This post delves deep into what social media content curation is and how it works.

What is Content Curation?

Content curation revolves around planning content that your audience prefers and wants to see. It involves linking similar content from others and sharing it. It lets you share other people’s content, saving your time and money, but at the same time increasing customer views.

How to Curate Social Media Posts?

Don’t even think of publishing for the sake of publishing; your audience doesn’t want that. Make sure the content you put up is something the viewers are going to like, to relate to; something they can share and talk about.

Find the Core

Before you post something, you’ve got to ensure that it’s engaging and something that your audience will enjoy. Understand what your target audience really wants to see or hear, and focus on that content.

Search through resources that will help you curate the right content, including reputable publications, blogs or your clients themselves.

Identify the Content Your Audience Wants

You must understand what it is that your audience prefers. Is it videos or blog posts, polls or quizzes, and what resonates with them? How will you know what your audience likes?

Take a look at your social feed history and see what your audience has responded to the most in the past six months — it’ll show you what they want.

Post From Reputable Sources

Stay away from random, inaccurate content that’s mediocre, boring, or just completely irrelevant. Check your sources before you post something. Make sure the content you curate is following what you preach, that is, it should match your brand standards.

Use the 5-3-2 Recipe for Content Curation

You may wonder how much content you share should be yours, and how much should it belong to others?

In 2011, TA McCann came up with his rule of curation, which tells you the ratio of content you should keep in mind when planning the weekly or daily post.

Five pieces of content should come from others, three should come from you, and two should be something personal to show your humanness.

The gist of the rule is simple: let your focus be the audience, and not you. Make yourself seem more personal to your audience.

Lastly, Make Sure You Don’t Steal

Whenever you’re curating something, ensure that you’re attributing the person whose post you’re sharing and always include a link to the original content as well.

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