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Let Covid not stop your business

The Pandemic COVID-19 has increased the pace of digitalization at great scale. We at TIMESSQUARETECH NYC CORPORATION have taken up the current situation as a challenge by preventing the business collapses and things to be held down due to the pandemic. Starting from business Analysis to prioritizing the Remote Support, Software Development, SEOs, Staffing , Bookkeeping, we are here for all.

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has Emerged as the
Leading IT Service Provider in New York City

IT is a fairly broad term, we'd know since we've been doubling up as an IT service provider for over a decade now. Where a company views IT services in terms of IT infrastructure and mobile applications, the customer weighs IT support in terms of usability and outcomes. These managed IT services not only come in handy for large businesses, but also for small to medium enterprises looking to generate capital expenditure.

An IT service or support company primarily assists in storing, retrieving, and transferring data for operational efficiency. However, there are different types of IT services offered at TIMESSQUARETECH NYC CORPORATION, ranging from web design and development, app development, remote IT support, and data management.

TIMESSQUARETECH NYC CORPORATION aims to help its client base attain success in business by automating tasks. We ensure all your functions and operations are running smoothly on a day-to-day basis with regular maintenance checks. Moreover, we upgrade hardware and software timely to reassure your systems are not subject to attacks from hackers or intruders. Next, with an IT department in place, we'll comprehend your IT infrastructure better to ensure technological advancements that come in handy for your business. Our IT services also govern networks and systems to create policies for how and when data must be accessed.

Our remote staff is available for proactive management of IT services around the clock by offering professional on-demand support via live help. Our IT service programs are highly flexible to be able to offer a comprehensive program that hits the spot for meeting your needs. These IT services are integrated with a vision to help your business grow, so you never have to worry about being slowed down due to the use of 'excess' technology.

Sign up for IT training or software-based training with TIMESSQUARETECH NYC CORPORATION. We also offer a once-in-a-lifetime IT internship opportunity for MS students to assist you in live projects.

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