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At Times Square Tech, we provide professional and high quality tech services for all businesses. By leveraging modern technologies, we really want to bring the most value to our customers. Our services include web/mobile application development, HR recruiting, professional bookkeeping, salesforce support and much more! From the very first client consultation, our focus is on understanding exactly what you need so we can cultivate a business relationship that will benefit you and your customers.

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Customer relationship management (CRM) gives companies a competitive advantage as it helps understand the needs of a company. Small companies struggle with technology issues, and sometimes it's hard to deal with them. Our IT services will help you make work easier, structured, and systematic. We work round the clock, identifying hindrances in advance, and making the process more rapid and secure.

Salesforce is an integrated cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that provides a platform to other companies or businesses to develop or build CRM applications to provide better services to end-users. Salesforce now has a vast range of products ranging from typical Sales Cloud to a high-end Analytics Engine called Einstein Analytics. Salesforce is used primarily in three major areas: marketing sales and support. 80% of consultants recommend Salesforce for customer relationship management. Their engagement with customers is widely appreciated. Its a pioneer in the provision of services in the cloud platform.

This service helps in swift decision-making processes and helps bring your customers closer to you. CRM software allows real-time sharing of data hence putting an end to or eliminating duplication of the resources. CRM software enables you to organize your customer data much better. We offer customizable IT solutions to companies of any scale at any hour of the day with our talented and intelligent crew. Our expert team with experienced engineers is committed to ensuring your company doesn't have to deal with complications or technical mishaps.

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