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Times Square Tech’s remote tech support breaks the hindrances of communication by facilitating an engaged experience and most importantly resolving the after sales or service challenges. We customize your needs and introduce solutions that fits for you without coercing you to opt additional services which you actually do not require. We are known for our transparency in handling our clients.
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  1. Certified IT Support Services
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  4. Experienced team of IT Experts to give you proper analyses
  5. Remote Support Tools
  6. Most importantly the service that doesn’t give you pocket pinch

Another Lockdown? Get Remote IT Support Tools from Times Square Tech

The coronavirus-resultant lockdown forced several businesses into closure. These businesses were largely those that failed to appear on the Internet. Not having a robust online presence is a costly mistake in terms of business continuity, one that we wouldn't want you to make. For this reason, Times Square Tech brings to you remote IT support services that allow the individuals handling your business to stay connected with your business from the comfort of their homes or other remote locations.

Remote IT Support Services Enhance Business Continuity Despite COVID-19 Peaks

Remote IT support is the ability to stay connected via a remote access connection and a remote device. The remote support tools have been game-changing in the current situation of the global epidemic as they enable customers to set up access connections to their personal devices. Not only does this accelerate the support process, but it also reduces the frustration once associated with the support process. The tools view, control, and run diagnostics as well as perform operational tasks such as transferring files, troubleshooting issues, and configuring settings as per the user's requirements.

Times Square Tech offers remote IT support services, including self-service portals for monitoring employee status, VPN configurations to secure remote communication and support, securing remote connections to safeguard workers connecting from home, updating hardware and software timely, and resolving technical issues contact-free. Our expert management team brings remote IT support tools and strategies to help keep your business running smoothly at all times.

Enroll with Times Square Tech for IT training and software-based training. You can also avail the IT internship facility for MS students for live assistance in projects.

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