How To Develop A Staffing Plan

If you want a smooth functioning business, then you need to ensure that you’ve got the adequate resources, at the right time, and in the right place. And by resources, we mean people.

A staffing plan is developed by your Human Resources HR sector. It overlooks your long-term growth, strategy, and focus and takes into account onboarding, training, planning, business development, and much more. Here’s how to develop an effective and useful staffing plan.

List Your Goals

Your business plan and staffing plan go hand in hand. Depending on your business goals, your staffing plan will accommodate and allocate resources and staff members that they feel are in the best interest. Some goals can include things like shifting employees to another location, growth plans, increasing sales force, and more. These goals are often outlined in a strategic plan, and HR is responsible for aligning the talent and strategy through these plans.

Define Needs

The next thing you need to do is define the needs and requirements of your company in terms of talent. Consider what qualities your organization reveres, the budget, and time. This will help you decide between grooming in-house professionals and outsourcing services such as bookkeeping.

Conduct surveys to assess whether current training and development programs help employees in terms of upward mobility and use the feedback to improve on them.

Gap Analysis

With a gap analysis, you’ll be able to determine what resources you have now versus what you actually need. Identify the gap between the two, and create a plan that aims to fill the gap. For example, if the gap highlights deficiencies in your training and development, come up with a more effective program. If you don’t have enough talent to take on heavy workloads during seasonal demand periods, consider outsourcing. This gap analysis will help you identify and tackle where your organization lacks in terms of resources and development, helping you create an overall effective and useful plan.

Write the Plan

The last thing you need to do is actually come up with a functional and effective staffing plan. This plan will have summarized all the data and analysis conducted previously and will be based on departments and divisions. If you have a bigger company, you can break the plan down into subgroups and divisions to make it more focused and effective.

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