Privacy & Cookie Policy

At TIMESSQUARETECH NYC CORPORATION your Privacy is of utmost important

Kindly go through our privacy statement regarding any data we collect about you. TIMESSQUARETECH NYC CORPORATION has adopted the following privacy policies applicable to all data you provide us during the use of our website

Alteration of the Privacy Policy

We hold the sole right to alter or change our Privacy Policy at any point of time. We will be displaying a notice as and when our Privacy Policies gets revised and the continued use of our website once the revised notice is displayed constitutes the acceptance of yours.


The data collected by us is for the purpose of contacting you in order to meet your business needs. The data collected by us can be used for the points mentioned below:

    For demographic Filter- We may use the data entered by you for demographic filtration i.e Geographical classification, Size of the business and Choice of the service.
    Through our constant filtration of the data entered by our users we strive to work towards improving our services and developing it as per the current market trend.
    To get in touch with our clients and meet their requirement and also the data collected helps us to get the comparison of our performances, lead generations and other business metrics.

How do we use the “cookies”

  • In order to personalize the services being offered, we use the registration information filled up in the query form for the improved and better experience of our clients.
  • To estimate the volume of the audience and to track the trends and patterns of visitors on the website.
  • To enhance the performance and functionality of our website and have a clear data on the most clickable content or most registered service.
  • We also use the cookies to personalize the interaction of our client with the social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, Pininterest, Instagram, Youtube etc.)
  • We use the advertising cookies to record the visit to the website, the pages and the links followed to make our website data more prominent.
  • We have no control over the analytical cookies or targeted cookies in the advertising links etc.
For any clarification of the Privacy Policy, please submit your questions by email to: [email protected]

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 11/05/2021.

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